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Beata Barinbaum / School For Self Healing Practitioner and Educator

U-sessions are about meeting yourself in a safe space. The focus is to support and restore the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Each massage session is an invitation to come in touch with those parts of yourself that are in need of nourishment, rediscovery, balance and vitality. While in a state of deep rest, we offer transformation to the areas of the body where tension has been stored for prolonged periods of time. Individual exercise programs, awareness practices and nutritional ideas can be created for your personal use to continue the effect of the U-session.

U-Sessions offer gratifying feeling of balance within

Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

Beata Barinbaum
Certified Practitioner and Educator since 1996


"I have had the good fortune of having a number of sessions with Beata. My experience has always been one of deep relaxation, healing and feeling balanced at the same time. Beata's ability to intuitively apply the right combination of her many skills never ceases to amaze me. This ability to be so deeply with the needs of another cannot be taught. It is the sign of a truly great practitioner."


RoseMarie Pierce


Holistic pharmacist, B. Sc. Pharm.

“As a former professional principal dancer, I had the opportunity to experience massage therapist at all time. So, when it comes to my body, Im very demanding and need to feel that I’m in good hands. When I had massage sessions with Beata, I immediately felt that she had the right skills and and therefore able to give me helpful advises. What it struck me the most, was her ability to capture the problem right away and approach it in the right direction for the following sessions that I would have. Her preparation and skills as well as her spirit of giving and wealth of knowledge, helped me to release tension and pain in my body. Beata is an open minded person always searching for latest findings and mental and physical health related topics. On a more personal level, Beata is a cherished friend and all around lovely person. She’s thoughtful, reliable, and warm. I also sent my daughter to her who is appreciating the work she is doing and feeling better and better every session. Thank you dearest Beata!”

Roberta Bassegio


Principal Ballet Dancer/Artistic Director/Choreographer/Teacher

"Beata's hands are the hands of healing. They follow tension to its source not by moving painfully into sore places but by promoting circulation to create ease of movement. Beata's approach to massage is powerful, effective and rejuvenating. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional bodywork. And for movement artists, athletes and people who make a living from your bodies, she is basic maintenance."

Gail Lottenberg


Dancer and Artistic Director of Link Dance company

"Dear Beata, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing massage. You are truly a gifted massage therapist! I never thought I could be so deeply relaxed as I was in your care. After the session my mind shifted from the experience being a treat to being absolutely essential to my well being. Beata, you created such a beautiful, loving, safe space for me to find true healing and relaxation. Your presence was so calming and the room and atmosphere was stunning in beauty and so very peaceful. Love,"



"Since the birth of my first child 5 years ago I have suffered from mild, chronic hip pain. While pregnant with him I was in a wheelchair from 6 months onwards due to difficulties with my hips. Simple everyday movements during my first pregnancy were next to impossible: getting in and out of bed, getting in and out of the shower, walking up and down stairs, changing direction while walking. All of these motions caused severe pain. I became pregnant in April 2011 and signs that my hips were worsening showed up immediately. My condition is related to hormones and not due to weight or lack of exercise. The doctors said it would probably be worse this time around. I am now in my 8th month of pregnancy with my second child. Beata has been helping me with regular massage sessions from the 3rd month onward. I am able to go on walks for up to an hour long, stairs are no problem, I can get in and out of bed alone. I truly feel that if I was not for her help I would not be as mobile as I am today. Beata is not only very knowledgeable about human anatomy and various forms of massage as well as osteopathy, she also has an incredible innate talent to heal. Her sessions are calming and powerful at once. Beata intuitively can feel with her hands where attention needs to be directed in your body. You almost don’t need to tell her your symptoms. She seems discover them through touch and visual cues alone. I am very grateful for having meet and found Beata."


Heidi Kuhrt


Bowen Island

“I would like to definitely mention the fact that you are a brilliant pianist, and the strength in your hands and fingers is incredible. 🙂 Also that your energy is very fine tuned and it travels through you and into the client. You are consistent and mindful… sensitive to the clients needs and focus on areas that need extra work. Your technique is like a dance… bringing the client through gentle movement and massage into a peaceful state, and releasing tensions and toxins from the body. Being a Mama yourself, you are wanting to focus your energies on other Mama’s, to share nurturing touch and healing.”

Leah Serna




"I feel so energized and deep calm, thank you from the bottom of my heart."


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